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Kit Johns is a 28 year old Cornish artist bringing a fresh, contemporary twist to Cornish landscape art.


Kit Johns’ work has proved very popular with visitors and locals alike, with work successfully selling out in several galleries last year. Alex Wade, Arts Editor of Cornwall Today, which featured Kit Johns this year, states that Kit Johns is “Young, sucessful and going places.”

Full Moon Over The Mount - 40x40cm - Mixed Media o

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Full Moon Over The Mount


Use Of Mixed Media On Authentic Cornish Map

Studio Insight 3

Studio Insight

His work explores the wild and untamed nature of the Cornish landscape, using a variety of techniques and mediums on canvas, paper and wood. Experimentation and expression are key aspects of his work, creating unpredictable, unique and atmospheric pieces. Combinations of mixed media including acrylic, oil and ink encourage him to push the technical boundaries of traditional landscape painting.

The work is raw and emotive, focusing on capturing the energy of the moment, reflecting the same traits found within nature and the ever-changing Cornish coastline throughout the year. Reminders of the indomitable power of water and nature are a frequent theme of Kit Johns work. From the turquoise summer seas to the rawness of the winter waves, these are views Kit grew up surrounded by and this understanding and passion is portrayed within the work. Kit’s work seems to resonate deeply with people, drawing in on their own memories and experiences of the sea and surrounding landscape. The enthusiasm and enamour of Cornwall is clear with his work, the paintings are intentionally unrefined and evoke a joyousness about both the Cornish coastline and painting for paintings sake.

Authentic vintage maps are often used as the base for his art, creating a rare unique canvas for each painting and adding further to a sense of place within the work. These mixed media paintings on the maps, add an extra dimension to seascapes, capturing the familiar timelessness that many have attributed to the Cornish landscape. The contours and place-names on the map beneath directly correlate with the locations of the paintings themselves encouraging the viewer to engage with the work. With his skilful use of light and an approach to painting that is always looking for opportunities to be creative, it is perhaps no surprise that Kit’s work is receiving such strong admiration from the public and critics alike.

Kit Johns’ paintings are now in private collections around the world. A new series of paintings is currently in progress, and his latest work can be found in various galleries around Cornwall and the rest of the UK. Recent paintings can also be viewed here online in the Gallery section of the site.

60x60 cm